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Cleaner & additive

  • Divinol Kaltreiniger U 522

    Multipurpose cleaner

    Art-Nr.: 05220

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  • Divinol Alufelgenreiniger

    Liquid rim cleaner for steel and aluminium

    Art-Nr.: 89450

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  • Divinol HD-Reiniger 1434

    Liquid cleaner for workshops, agricultural machines, trucks and tarpaulins

    Art-Nr.: 95920

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  • Divinol System Cleaner Diesel
    Enables a clean engine run, diesel savings and optimized emission values

    Art-Nr.: 89910

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  • Divinol System Cleaner DPF
    Cleans the entire exhaust system, EGR and particle filter

    Art-Nr.: 89920

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  • Divinol System Cleaner Benzin
    Cleaner for gasoline fuel systems, nozzles & enables optimized emission values

    Art-Nr.: 89900

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  • Art-Nr.: 62302-L001

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