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  • Divinol Schalwachs HFP

    Liquid formwork wax especially for first treatment of wooden formworks

    Art-Nr.: 04410

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  • Divinol B Classic
    Universal release agent for all kind of formworks. Also usable as mixer protection.

    Art-Nr.: 08920

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  • Divinol Asphalt WMB
    Non-labelled, water-miscible release agent on the basis of
    renewable raw materials for asphalt rollers

    Art-Nr.: 09480

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  • Divinol Asphalt AE
    Water-soluble and pasty separating agent for wooden buckets with hot asphalt

    Art-Nr.: 12040

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  • Divinol Plast High Liquid

    Release agent for high-grade surfaces esp. for synthetic formworks and formliners (based on polyurethane)

    Art-Nr.: 20650

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  • Divinol Surface Premium HFP

    Solvent-based release agent for manufacturing of high quality fair-faced concrete

    Art-Nr.: 20840

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  • Divinol Lithogrease 2 B
    High temperature grease for longtime lubrication of truck hub units
    in commercial vehicles

    Art-Nr.: 21711

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  • Divinol Kupferpaste

    Thermally and mechanically stressable copper paste up to +1100 ° C

    Art-Nr.: 21740

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  • Divinol Surface Premium KS
    High-quality release agent for exposed concrete parts in precast factories with additional corrosion protection

    Art-Nr.: 22560

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  • Divinol High Liquid Surface
    High-quality concrete release agent for exposed concrete in civil engineering for polypropylene and plastic formwork

    Art-Nr.: 22230

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  • Divinol Mehrzweckfett 2
    Multi-purpose grease based on lithium soap for a wide range of applications

    Art-Nr.: 22971

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  • Divinol Fiberfinish S
    Release agent for production of fibre-cement plase in precast factories for steel formwork

    Art-Nr.: 23700

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  • Divinol Fett Top 2003
    Semi-synthetic grease based on calcium soap grease with extra-ordinary stability against water-washout and superior adhesion behaviour

    Art-Nr.: 23980

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  • Divinol Asphalt MP
    Easily biodegredable, water-miscible separating agent for polymer
    modified and whisper asphalt also for asphalt mixer

    Art-Nr.: 27430

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  • Divinol Tube KS
    High-quality release agent with excellent corrosion protection for tunnel construction, concrete pipe construction and for vertical formwork

    Art-Nr.: 27820

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  • Divinol HVLPD ISO 46

    Viscosity improved, water-emulsifing high performance hydraulic oil

    Art-Nr.: 28640

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  • Divinol Mischerschutz DW

    Mixer protection for universal use with dewatering properties.

    Art-Nr.: 30080

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  • Divinol HE 46

    Synthetic and biologically degradable ester used in hydraulic aggregates or machines working in agriculture, construction, forestry and other sectors.

    Art-Nr.: 48800

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