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Extrusion Oil

  • Multipress 70
    Extrusion oil for low alloyed steels used for the fabrication of screws and nuts on single and multistage presses

    Art-Nr.: 20880

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  • Divinol Lithogrease 000
    Special lithium complex soap grease for lubrication of machine tools

    Art-Nr.: 22320

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  • Multipress Ultra 70
    High alloy extrusion oil for modern multi-station presses for nearly
    all metals

    Art-Nr.: 22480

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  • Multipress RK 20
    High quality rotary swaging oil with approvals from leading manufacturers
    of rotary swaging machines

    Art-Nr.: 23200

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  • Multipress SSP 70
    Maximum alloyed extrusion oil for stainless steels and high strength steels

    Art-Nr.: 23620

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  • Multipress RK 15

    Extrusion oil for rotary swaging of steel

    Art-Nr.: 24900

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  • Multipress S 70
    Zink-free extrusion oil for case hardening and heat-treatable steels

    Art-Nr.: 97250

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