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Efficient Fluid Management from A to Z

As experts in Fluid Management, ZG Fluidmanagement GmbH supports you in three core areas: In Chemical Management, process substances used in the metal industry are monitored and maintained. In Automotive Lubricants, the construction, assembly and provision of equipment and systems for the supply and disposal of lubricants in workshops, filling stations, building yards and fleets are in focus. In plant technology, everything revolves around the application systems for lubricants in the metal industry as well as the design and implementation of cooling lubricant preparation and supply systems.

Chemical management, automotive lubricants and system engineering in focus

On 1 October 2001, the Systems Engineering Department and Lubricant Service from Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co was taken out and transferred to the ZG Fluidmanagement GmbH. ZG Fluidmanagement offers three areas of competence:

1. Chemical Management

In the field of Chemical Management, all process materials used in the metalworking industry are monitored and maintained in accordance with valid guidelines.

With the help of analysis systems, the actual state is detected and a custom chemical management concept is created based on this. Necessary equipment and systems are provided by ZG Fluidmanagement as part of a service contract for maintenance measures.

ZG Fluidmanagement is fully supported in the Chemical Management area by the Zeller+Gmelin departments - from the Research and Development Department to Production to Disposal by the Südöl subsidiary.

Intelligent software enables rapid data acquisition in your process environment. This data, for example, measurement results or service measures are transmitted, processed and provided as tables and / or graphs by remote data transmission to ZG Fluidmanagement. At the same time, you can check the current state of your process materials and the maintenance measures carried out web-based. In this way, faults in the production process are largely avoided.

As part of the Chemical Management, process substances are maintained in the individual machines and central plants in an optimal state at all times and the service intervals of cooling lubricants are prolonged. So you can fully concentrate on your core business.

2. Automotive Lubricants

Another responsibility of ZG Fluidmanagement is the construction, assembly and supply of equipment and systems for all aspects of the automotive lubricants division. This equipment is used for the supply and disposal of lubricants in workshops, filling stations, building yards and fleets.

3. Plant Technology

The Plant Technology range includes application systems for the calculated application of lubricants prior to production processes in the metalworking industry. For example, lubricants are applied to sheet metal coils and blanks covering the entire surface, with low mist and lower consumption and then conveyed to the chipless forming.

Consulting, planning, construction and management of cooling lubricant treatment and supply plants complete the ZG Fluidmanagement range of expertise in Plant Technology. With preparation and supply plants of cooling lubricants, machine tools are supplied with coolants through circulating systems in the machining process. Water-miscible and non water miscible cooling lubricants have specific requirements concerning purity, temperature, flow rate and specific requirements concerning pressure. Cooling lubricant supply systems ensure that the required conditions are met as efficiently as possible and with a high degree of process reliability.


  • Years of experience
  • Complete Fluid Management from a single source
  • Maximum transparency
  • Informed and committed staff
  • Constant accessibility
  • Forward-looking and early problem identification
  • Unrestricted access to modern laboratory technology
  • Quality at a high level