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Highly effective purge fluids for paint application systems

Zeller+Gmelin offers DIVINOL HPT Cleaners as highly effective purge fluids for the optimal rinsing of hydro-paint application systems. Furthermore, we provide advice and support regarding optimal product selection, dosage and waste disposal, as well as with water management.

DIVINOL HPT cleaners for hydro-paints

DIVINOL HPT Cleaners are powerful purging solvents for hydro-paints, which allow a cleaning effectiveness unattainable by conventional purging solvents. Non-VOC or low-VOC purging solvents shorten rinsing times for paint application systems, and lower application concentration. All DIVINOL HPT Cleaners for hydro-paints are particularly low foaming products, reducing thus any subsequent paint coagulation costs.

DIVINOL HPT Cleaners are liquid cleaning concentrates for application and mixing equipment using water-based primer / filler, base coat, and clear coat.
DIVINOL HPT Cleaners are suitable for paint preparation stations, paint mixing tanks, high rotation bells, pressurised air sprayers, and ring lines, etc. used by plastic painters, OEMs, suppliers and contractors painters.

Further to the powerful, cost-effective, and environmentally compatible purging solvents for hydro-paints, our experts offer professional product advice and targeted laboratory tests for selected products. We help you in optimising your water management, waste disposal, and reprocessing of purging solvents. Moreover, we minimise dosing errors through automated preparation stations, also in hazardous areas.