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  • Divinol Aqua EM

    High-quality, solvent-free release agent emulsion for filigree-ceiling and hollow walls with high-quality corrosion protection.

    Art-Nr.: 25170

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  • Divinol B Classic
    Universal release agent for all kind of formworks. Also usable as mixer protection.

    Art-Nr.: 08920

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  • Divinol High Liquid

    Concrete release agent specially made for GfK formwork facing and coated formwork for high-quality concrete parts.

    Art-Nr.: 84810

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  • Divinol High Liquid Surface
    High-quality concrete release agent for exposed concrete in civil engineering for polypropylene and plastic formwork

    Art-Nr.: 22230

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  • Divinol Plast High Liquid

    Release agent for high-grade surfaces esp. for synthetic formworks and formliners (based on polyurethane).

    Art-Nr.: 20650

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  • Divinol Schalwachs HFP

    Liquid formwork wax especially for first treatment of wooden formworks

    Art-Nr.: 04410

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  • Divinol Surface Premium

    Solvent-containing release agent for fair-faced concrete in quality SB 3, SB 4. Also for coloured concrete

    Art-Nr.: 96520

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  • Divinol Surface Premium Extra
    High-quality release agent for exposed concrete, also coloured parts in precast factories, reducing of pores and shrinkholes

    Art-Nr.: 22220

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  • Divinol Surface HFP

    Solvent-based release agent for manufacturing of high quality fair-faced concrete

    Art-Nr.: 20840

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  • Divinol Surface Premium KS
    High-quality release agent for exposed concrete parts in precast factories with additional corrosion protection

    Art-Nr.: 22560

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  • Divinol SYN BE Plus

    A solvent-free, non-water-miscible release agent for all common types of moulds. Awarded with the Blue Angel (RAL-UZ 178) and the EU-Ecolabel.

    Art-Nr.: 31860

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  • Divinol Tube KS
    High-quality release agent with excellent corrosion protection for tunnel construction, concrete pipe construction and for vertical formwork

    Art-Nr.: 27820

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  • Release agent for production of fibre-cement plase in precast factories for steel formwork

    Art-Nr.: 23700

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  • Spraying oil for boards for immediate demolding of concrete blocks in precast factories

    Art-Nr.: 20200

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