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Divinol Multilight FO 2 5W-30

Art-Nr.: 49170

Divinol Multilight FO 2 5W-30 is a special semi-synthetic oil for modern Ford diesel and otto motors. Especially during start and warm-up phase this quality motor oils guarantees fast oiling of the motor. The new Ford specification WSS M2C 913D assures fuel saving properties.


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Product Details


SAE Grade 5W-30
Appearance L 3.0
Density/15°C / DIN EN ISO 12185 0,85 g/cm³
Viscosity/40°C / ASTM D 7042 58 mm²/s
Viscosity/100°C / ASTM D 7042 10.2 mm²/s
Viscosity index / ASTM D 2270 167
Flash point (Cleveland) / DIN ISO 2592 235°C
Pour point / ASTM D 7346 -45°C
TBN 8.5 mgKOH/g


Ford WSS-M2C-913 D

Ford WSS-M2C-913-A; Ford WSS-M2C-913-B; Ford WSS-M2C-913-C; Ford WSS-M2C-925-A; Renault RN 0700

Divinol Multilight FO 2 5W-30  is suitable for otto and diesel motors according to OEMs regulations. In particular suitable for Ford vehicles.