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Divinol Syntholight 5W-40

Art-Nr.: 49520

Divinol Syntholight 5W-40 is a smooth running engine oil based on the most modern HC synthesis technology. This product guarantees excellent running properties, low abrasion and measurable fuel savings due to the reduction of friction as well as a good cold starting performance. Divinol Syntholight 5W-40 has a high resistance against oxidation and the well balanced additive system avoids sludge in oil.


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Product Details


Colour / DIN ISO 2049 4.0
SAE Grade 5W40
Density/15°C / DIN EN ISO 12185 0,860 g/cm³
Ash / Sulfate DIN 51575 0.9 %
Viscosity/40°C / ASTM D 7042 87 mm²/s
Viscosity/100°C / ASTM D 7042 14.3 mm²/s
Viscosity index / ASTM D 2270 172
Flash point (Cleveland) / DIN ISO 2592 >= 195 °C
Pour point / ASTM D 7346 -39 °C
TBN 10.8 mgKOH/g


MB-Approval 229.3

Porsche A40; Renault RN 0700/0710; VW 502.00/505.00; GM-LL-A-025; GM-LL-B-025; BMW Longlife-01 (<2019); FIAT 9.55535 N2; PSA B71 2296

Divinol Syntholight 5W-40 is designed for spark ignition and diesel engines with or without turbo charger.