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Automotive Aftersales

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  • Divinol Mehrzweckfett Graphitiert
    Multi-purpose grease based on lithium soap containing graphite
    for a wide range of applications

    Art-Nr.: 85000

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  • Divinol Fett Garant 2000 EP Plus
    Multipurpose lubricating grease with good EP properties for a wide
    range of applications

    Art-Nr.: 85431

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  • Divinol Getriebefett N 0
    Sodium saponified gear grease

    Art-Nr.: 85550

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  • Divinol Fett L 3
    Multi-purpose grease NLGI class 3 with EP improved properties

    Art-Nr.: 85560

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  • Divinol Alufelgenreiniger

    Liquid rim cleaner for steel and aluminium

    Art-Nr.: 89450

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  • Divinol HD-Reiniger 1434

    Liquid cleaner for workshops, agricultural machines, trucks and tarpaulins

    Art-Nr.: 95920

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  • Divinol ATF Premium VI LV

    Low-viscosity, red premium ATF oil Dexron VI

    Art-Nr.: 51760

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  • Divinol Syntholight C2 0W-30
    High-Tec 0W-30 according ACEA C2 formulated on HC base oil & PAO

    Art-Nr.: 49910

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  • Divinol Multimax Premium 5W-30
    Heavy Duty high-tech motor oil of latest generation for e.g MAN 3677 and Scania LDF-4

    Art-Nr.: 49900

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  • Divinol Multi-Axle 80W-90

    Multigrade hypoid gear oil GL-5 for highst stress according SAE 80W-90

    Art-Nr.: 52100

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  • Divinol Fett ZSA
    Semi-fluent grease with EP properties for lubrication of mechanically
    loaded lubrication points in trucks

    Art-Nr.: 23970

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  • Divinol Synthogear 75W
    High quality gear oil for passenger cars and LCVs

    Art-Nr.: 52060

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  • Divinol Syntholight HC-FE Plus 5W-30
    Top modern 5W30 for broad use

    Art-Nr.: 49280

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  • Divinol Multimax Truck Agrar 15W-40
    High Visc HD Motor Oil & High TBN

    Art-Nr.: 49930

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  • Divinol Multimax Truck Plus 10W-40
    High strengh, shear stable HD-motor oil / low ash

    Art-Nr.: 49770

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  • Divinol Gear Oil LS SAE 85W-140
    High temperature, high stress bearing Limited Slip Axle Oil

    Art-Nr.: 51720

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  • Divinol Syntholight C5 0W-20
    Premium Low - Ash Oil SAE 0W-20

    Art-Nr.: 49800

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  • Divinol Syntholight 0W-16
    Premium Low - modern Oil SAE 0W-16

    Art-Nr.: 49810

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