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Multicut Ultra 20

Art-Nr.: 25720
  • non-water-miscible, low viscous high-performance cutting oil
  • based on mineral oils low in aromatics and mist formation
  • contains native and synthetic greases
  • with anti-oil mist additives
  • with sulphur and zinc-containing additives
  • free of chlorine
  • excellent lubricating performance


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Product Details


Colour / DIN ISO 2049 1.5
Density/15°C / DIN EN ISO 12185 880 kg/m³
Viscosity/40°C / ASTM D 7042 21.5 mm²/s
Flash point (Cleveland) / DIN ISO 2592 > 180 °C
Corrosion effect on copper 3h/100°C / ASTM D 130 1A

Multicut Ultra 20 can be used for several cutting operations which demand a cutting oil with high additive content for superior demands and compatibility with non-ferrous heavy metals at the same time. It is used
for machining of free cutting mild steels, case-hardened and tempering steels, high-alloyed rust and acid resistant steels as well as for non-ferrous heavy metals and light alloys. Working processes, e. g. turning, drilling, milling, broaching but also thread cutting and deep hole drilling can be handled without any difficulty. Very good results are achieved especially in chip removing processes of titan alloys of any kind. In many cases chlorine containing products can be substituted by Multicut Ultra 20.