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Multical IP 80

Art-Nr.: 25300
  • alloyed calibration oil with neutral odour
  • based on aromatic free solvents


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Product Details


Colour / DIN ISO 2049 lighter 0.5
Density/15°C / DIN EN ISO 12185 790 kg/m³
Viscosity/20°C / ASTM D 7042 2.8 mm²/s
Flash point (Pensky-Martens) / DIN EN ISO 2719 > 61 °C

Multical IP 80 is a non water-miscible, solvent-containing, wax-free calibration oil for calibration processes
of easy to medium heavy difficulty.

During a possible steam treatment of the parts there will be no coking residues or other negative influences
on the surface of the sintered parts, provided that the steam treatment furnace is adjusted properly.

The parts which have to be calibrated are immerged into a dip tank with Multical IP 80 and obtain a touch-dry film after dripping and evaporation of the carrier liquid. The highest performance is achieved after the evaporation of solvent. The additives remaining on the work piece guarantee an excellent calibration capacity. Furthermore, the product is suitable for spraying.