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  • Multipress 70
    Extrusion oil for low alloyed steels used for the fabrication of screws and nuts on single and multistage presses

    Art-Nr.: 20880

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  • Divinol Lithogrease 000
    Special lithium complex soap grease for lubrication of machine tools

    Art-Nr.: 22320

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  • Multipress Ultra 70
    High alloy extrusion oil for modern multi-station presses for nearly
    all metals

    Art-Nr.: 22480

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  • Multical IP 80

    Solvent-based calibration oil recommended for steam treatment
    for easy up to medium calibration processes

    Art-Nr.: 25300

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  • Divinol ICL ISO 220
    Zinc-free industrial high pressure gear oil (DIN 51 517 part 3, CLP) for applications in high charged gears – viscosity: 220 mm²/s/40°C

    Art-Nr.: 25060

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  • Multicut Ultra 20

    High-alloyed neat cutting oil for difficult operations on difficult materials

    Art-Nr.: 25720

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  • Zubora THG
    Fully synthetic, water-soluble, boron- and amine-free cooling lubricant
    for the grinding of hard metals

    Art-Nr.: 26920

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  • Multicor LF 65 Plus
    Mineral oil-containing anti-corrosive oil, primarily for rolling mills
    for electrostatic application

    Art-Nr.: 27370

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  • Divinol HLP ISO 46
    High pressure hydraulic oil, mineral based according to the requirements of DIN 51 524 part 2, HLP - viscosity: 46 mm²/s/40°C

    Art-Nr.: 48870

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  • Multicor DW 3 Spezial Light
    Dewatering fluid, thin slightly oily film, with good creeping properties

    Art-Nr.: 97000

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  • Zubora 10 H Plus FF
    Universally applicable cooling lubricant for up to medium heavy
    machining operations

    Art-Nr.: 32060

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