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Multicor DW 3 Spezial Light

Art-Nr.: 97000
  • Dewatering fluid
  • based on an isoparaffinic hydrocarbon mixture
  • neutral odour
  • low content of aromatics


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Product Details


Colour / DIN ISO 2049 lighter 3.5
Density/15°C / DIN EN ISO 12185 780 kg/m³
Viscosity/20°C / ASTM D 7042 2.4 mm²/s
Flash point (Pensky-Martens) / DIN EN ISO 2719 > 61 °C
Type of protective film slightly oily
Film thickness after dipping 1 - 2 µ
Kesternich test / DIN EN ISO 6270-2 25 cycles
Salt spray test / DIN EN ISO 9227 11 hour(s)
Corrosion protection indoor storage 12 months
Corrosion protection storage outside 3 - 6 months

Multicor DW 3 Spezial Light fulfils the Bosch negative list concerning aromatic containing substances.

Multicor DW 3 Spezial Light penetrates underneath and displaces water and humidity. At the same time
the surface of the work piece is coated with a very thin, transparent, coherent protection film.

The product is used for drying wet small and mass-produced parts to avoid stains due to water spotting.

Multicor DW 3 Spezial Light is used to preserve the surface for the time of an interim storage and for transports under Central European climatic conditions with usual packaging.

Due to its excellent creeping properties Multicor DW 3 Spezial Light can also be used for the internal
preservation of hollow parts.

The product is applied in as-delivered condition by dipping, spraying or manually e.g. by brush.