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UVALUX® U40 Ink Series

Art-Nr.: UVALUX U40 Farbserie

The UVALUX® U40 Ink Series represents a new generation of our inks for UV letterpress and UV offset printing.


This series was specially developed for printing at high press speeds. UVALUX® U40 is also characterized as a series with very low odour. The inks cure by exposure to UV light.

Product Details

Technical Data

Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Paper Coated - Paper Uncoated - Paper Plastic Coated
Printing Process Offset Sheet-Fed - Offset Web-Fed - Letterpress
Formulation VOC-free
Press Performance Low Misting
Surface Properties Cured Ink Low Odour - Glossy - Adhesion Optimized
Further Processing Overvarnishing - Hotfoiling - Coldfoil - Laserprinting - Thermal Transfer
Application Direct Mail - Forms - Folded Box - Self Adhesive Labels
End Application Non-Food
Market Commercials - Packaging - Labels
Availlable Systems 4 Colour Process - PSO Process Colours - PANTONE® Base Colours - Z Base Colours
Mixing Lists Basis PANTONE® Base Colours - Z Base Colours