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UVAFLEX® YL-7M105FCM Lacquer

Art-Nr.: UVAFLEX YL-7M105FCM Lack

With the UVAFLEX® YL-7M105FCM Lacquer we present avery low-odour FCM mattlacquer, especially for printing of labels and packaging for food (FCM - food contact material). It is predominantly designed for non absorbent substrates.

UVAFLEX® YL-7M105FCM is characterized by its processing stability. It does not thicken in the duct and does not tend to settle even after prolonged storage. It also has good scratch resistance and chemical resistance.

The UVAFLEX® YL-7M105FCM Lacquer is formulated without free bisphenol A and without bisphenol A based raw materials (BPA-NI).. Furthermore YL-7M105FCM does not contain free initiators.

UVAFLEX® YL-7M105FCM has a high transparency, so that the overprinted inks remain brillant.

Product Details

Technical Data

Viscosity 0,30-0,55 Pas (20°C)
Solids Content 100 %
Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Film - Paper Plastic Coated - Paper Coated - Paper Uncoated
Printing Process Flexo - Lacquering Unit
Formulation Suitable for FCM applications - VOC-free - BPA-NI - Non-DFC
Press Performance High Reactivity - Good Stability in the Duct
Surface Properties Matt - Cured Ink Low Odour - Good Chemical Resistances - High Scratch Resistance
Further Processing Grooving/Creasing - Hotfoiling - Thermal Transfer - Overprinting UV
Application Folded Box - Flexible Packaging - Self Adhesive Labels
End Application Food - Cosmetics - Pharmaceuticals
Market Packaging - Labels
Conformities Nestlé, Guidance Note on Packaging Inks (10/2018) - Switzerland, 817.023.21 - EuPIA Exclusion Policy