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UVALUX® LED LU-7G200 Lacquer

Art-Nr.: UVALUX LED LU-7G200 Lack

With the UVALUX® LED LU-7G200 Lacquer we present a LED-UV curing gloss lacquer, especially for printing brochures, job printing and packaging in offset- or letterpress printing.

It has been designed specifically for processing with energy saving LED-UV units with the wavelengths 385 or 395nm, but can also be cured with traditional mercuryvapor-UV or LE-UV/H-UV lamps.

UVALUX® LED LU-7G200 stands out with its good misting behaviour and its high scratch- and scuff resistance.

Product Details

Technical Data

Solids Content 100 %
Drying/Curing UV-LED (385 & 395nm) - UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour) - H-UV
Substrate Paper Coated - Carton board
Printing Process Offset Sheet-Fed - Offset Web-Fed
Press Performance Low Misting
Surface Properties Glossy - High Scratch Resistance
Further Processing Grooving/Creasing
Application Brochures - Direct Mail - Forms - Job Printing - Envelopes - Folded Box
End Application Non-Food
Market Commercials - Packaging