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UVAFLEX® YL-3G100 Lacquer

Art-Nr.: UVAFLEX YL-3G100 Lack

With the UVAFLEX® YL-3G100 Lacquer we present a radical curing UV lacquer, especially for general-line metal decoration such as three-piece cans or body-printed longcaps (non-food). It is characterized by its good scratch resistance and gloss.

The good overprintability of UVAFLEX® YL-3G100 offers unique advantages and savings potential. The functional lacquer surface offers another use of already varnished sheets as test sheets during press set-up. A time-consuming separation of varnished sheets is therefore no longer necessary.

Furthermore it is possible to create outstanding matt/gloss effects by partial overprinting in an offset station with matt varnish UL-3M100.

Product Details

Technical Data

Viscosity 0,20-0,40 Pas
Solids Content 100 %
Drying/Curing UV-Hg (Mercury Vapour)
Substrate Metal Coated - Aluminium
Printing Process Flexo - Lacquering Unit
Formulation VOC-free - Formulated without mineral oil - BPA-NI
Surface Properties Glossy - Low Yellowing - Cured Ink Low Odour
Further Processing Overprinting UV - Forming
Application 3 Piece Cans - Monoblock Aerosol Cans - Long Caps
End Application Non-Food
Market Metal Decoration