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Divinol Shuttle-Cleaner 1393

Art-Nr.: 13930

Divinol Shuttle-Cleaner 1393 is a liquid, acid cleaning concentrate for cleaning of acid-resistant materials.

Divinol Shuttle-Cleaner 1393 reliably removes non-hardened or non-baked paints for cataphoretic painting.

Divinol Shuttle-Cleaner 1393 is free of phosphates, aromatic compounds, CHC and NMP.

Divinol Shuttle-Cleaner 1393 contains surfactants that are easily biodegradable (OECD test) and meets the requirements of the European Detergents Regulation (EC) no. 648/2004.


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Product Details


Appearance clear, colourless liquid
Composition solvents, organic acids, surfactants, product specific active components
pH-value 1 % in distilled H2O / DIN 51 369 approx. 2.8
VOC-content 39,0 %

Divinol Shuttle-Cleaner 1393 is diluted down  to the final concentration with water and applied on the parts or areas to be cleaned. According to type of fouling let the product work for a few minutes and clean eventually with a brush or cloth. Subsequently rinse loosened dirt particles with water.



The parts can also be dipped in the cleaning solution and rinsed with water subsequently.