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Divinol Entschäumer DP (defoaming agent)

Art-Nr.: 77570

Divinol Entschäumer DP (defoaming agent) is a synergistically acting mixture of anti-foam substances based on hydrocarbons, emulsifiers and special active ingredients.

Divinol Entschäumer DP (defoaming agent) is used in combination with Divinol coagulants or flocculants to reduce foam in water wash spray booths.

Divinol Entschäumer DP (defoaming agent) can also be used for other aqueous processes where foam is an interfering agent.

The use of defoaming agents is only necessary if paints that tend to foam are used when painting. This is the case particularly when processing water-based paints.

Due to the excellent long-term effect, using just small amounts of the highly concentrated product is sufficient.

Divinol Entschäumer DP (defoaming agent) is free of silicone.




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Product Details


Appearance clear liquid
Composition Mixture of hydrocarbons, emulsifying agents and product specific active components
Density/20°C / DIN EN ISO 12185 approx. 0.9 g/cm³
VOC-content 25 %

Divinol Entschäumer DP (defoaming agent) is added to the circulating water where there is strong turbulence, preferably by means of a dosage pump or manually until the desired level of foam is reached.

Please stir before use.