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Divinol HPT Cleaner 1350 LF

Art-Nr.: 13500

Divinol HPT Cleaner 1350 LF is a liquid cleaning concentrate to produce a foam-free cleaning solution.

All the application devices in the processing of water-based paints such as batching tanks, mixing devices, ring lines, electrostatic (ESTA) covers and nozzles can be rinsed with the cleaning solution produced in this way.

Divinol HPT Cleaner 1350 LF has excellent solvent and cleaning power for non-hardened, water-dilutable paints.

Divinol HPT Cleaner 1350 LF contains surfactants that are easily biodegradable (OECD test) and meet the requirements of the European Detergents Regulation (EC) no. 648/2004.


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Product Details


Appearance clear, colourless liquid
Composition solvents, surfactants, alkali and product specific additives
pH-value 1 % in distilled H2O / DIN 51 369 approx. 10
VOC-content 99.5 %

Divinol HPT Cleaner 1350 LF is diluted to the application concentration with DI-water or water of comparable quality and used to rinse the lines or devices to be cleaned. To ensure a consistent cleaning effect, the solution used should be stirred constantly.

We recommend an application concentration of 8-15 %. Preferably 10 %.