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Lubricants for sheet metal forming

Zeller+Gmelin offers a wide range of lubricants for all areas of sheet metal forming. All lubricants are characterized by optimal tribological behaviour and offer high surface quality and tool service life as excellent outstanding corrosion protection.

High performance lubricants for any need in sheet metal forming

At Zeller+Gmelin, you will find lubricant solutions for the most demanding applications in the sheet metal forming - from universal lubricants for rolling mill and press shops and including forming lubricants for all materials and volatile oils for metals to lubricants for hydroforming and roll forming.

To profit from our lubricants in sheet metal forming:

  • Wide range of high-performance lubricants for the most varied application range
  • Universal lubricants
  • Reduced diversity of varieties and lubricant quantities
  • Optimal tribological behaviour
  • Welding and bonding without prior degreasing
  • High surface quality
  • Long tool life
  • Low oil haze and low evaporation index
  • High corrosion protection





Zeller+Gmelin – partner in the INTERREG project ASPECT on friction in metal forming



Multidraw® lubricants offer customised solutions for wire drawing as well as for sheet metal forming for all materials.