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Multipress - extrusion oils for the forming of high-alloyed steels

Multipress extrusion oils are specifically designed to the requirements of modern, high-speed machines and are designed for the forming of all kind of materials. And therefore designed for maximum process reliability due to constant high quality of the lubricant components used and make a sustainable contribution to a more powerful, more efficient and environmentally friendly production.

Extrusion oil for single and multi-staged presses

Multipress extrusion oils are developed in practical cooperation together with our customers. Our goal is to offer you efficient and economical extrusion oils for the most diverse requirements, which always optimally support your production processes even under the toughest conditions and keep them running. Multipress extrusion oils also meet the highest environmental requirements.

To profit from our Multipress extrusion oils:

  • Flexible usage on single and multi-staged presses
  • Optimal lubrication with high pressure absorption capacity
  • High temperature resistance
  • Easy application and good adhesion
  • Optimal ability to degrease after processing
  • Compatibility with surface coatings and subsequent operations
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Very good environmental compatibility


MultipressĀ® extrusion oils provide for high pressure absorption and optimal temperature resistance for single and multi-staged presses for the forming of high-alloyed steel grades.