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Efficient paint coagulation in series painting

Under the DIVINOL brand, Zeller + Gmelin offers a comprehensive range of paint coagulation products for the circulation and system water treatment: from coagulants for water-bearing painting systems with settling or flotation discharge systems, to flocculants for coagulation of hydro-paints, to defoamers for water-sprinkled paint.

Optimal paint coagulation for water-bearing painting systems

DIVINOL coagulants
DIVINOL coagulants are usually liquid products suitable for water-bearing painting systems with settling or flotation discharge systems. The outstanding debonding qualities of DIVINOL coagulants with solvent-based paints and simple paint sludge, help increase water stand time and minimise the cleaning effort.

Combine DIVINOL coagulants with DIVINOL flocculants to discharge particularly complex painting systems by flotation. Use DIVINOL defoamers to remove excessive foaming produced by particularly foam-heavy paintings.

DIVINOL flocculants
DIVINOL flocculants are special liquid products for painting systems. In particular, DIVINOL flocculants are used for the coagulation of hydro-paints. As a rule, flakes produced during use are of a coarse texture, and can be separated easily by filtration, sedimentation or centrifugation.

DIVINOL defoamers
DIVINOL defoamers are liquid, highly concentrated products that can be combined with DIVINOL coagulants for defoaming water-sprinkled paints. DIVINOL defoamers are required when using paints likely to produce excessive foaming in the circulating water of the painting system. DIVINOL defoamers eliminate foaming, helping reduce contamination in discharge systems, while minimising expensive cleaning.

Further products
Zeller + Gmelin offers powerful bactericides, system cleaners and dispersants for safe cleaning, disinfection, and cooling water treatment.