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DIVINOL test oils for diesel and gasoline engines

DIVINOL test oils by Zeller+Gmelin for the calibration of injection pumps and injectors in diesel and gasoline engines are successfully used worldwide by renowned automobile manufacturers and suppliers. The test oils offer a high oxidation stability and excellent corrosion protection.

Precisely calibrate fuel injection pumps and injectors

DIVINOL CAF test oil is used worldwide as a calibration fluid for the testing and adjustment of diesel injectors. It complies with the strict provisions according to ISO 4113-CV-AW. All DIVINOL test oils for gasoline and diesel fuel injection pumps are characterised by reliable wear and corrosion protection as well as high oxidation stability.

To profit from DIVINOL test oils:

  • individual product specifications according to OEM-requirements
  • High oxidation stability
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent wear protection

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